At Wish and Cook we focus on delivering the best cooking experience for people who desires tasty meals everyday.

You can choose your favourite ingredients and dietary preferences. Our algorithm will adjust the recipe and nutritional information to meet your needs.

Add, change or remove ingredients of an already existing recipe and make it your own.

Our AI algorithm will give you suggestions of which ingredients will take your recipe to the next level, starting by matching the best ingredients!

Set your

Obtain nutritional
for each recipe

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Be creative, enjoy yourself and start creating your own dishes, just like a real chef!

Our vision is to shape the future of eating by providing personalized experiences for everyone, anytime, everywhere.

We are a multidisciplinary team of passionate people focused on creative, innovative and sustainable ways of cooking. Our goal is to inspire people to enjoy everyday's eating experience and provide nutritional support for healthy well being.

Fernão Abreu

Co-founder — Investor

Monica Oravcova


Ana Sofia Freitas


Nesar Ahmed

Software Developer

David Pereira Coelho

Software Developer

Sazzadul Haque

Software Developer